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The First Day in School   >

1. 9. 2015

Hurray! To school for the first time after a long vacation! Maybe even to a kindergarten for the first time. Met up with friends again. Test now, how strong your friendly bonds are. Go together on an adventure, go to the forest on the forest escape!

Hooray, it’s raining! Lets go into the woods!   >

25. 8. 2015

If you haven’t experienced the forest in rain yet, we highly recommend it. The dripping of raindrops from leaves, the scent of the woods when raining, the pitter-patter of rain in harmony with birdsong… But beware: a “forest in rain” is not the same as a “rain forest”. The latter is extremely hot, wet, and... View Article

Kids, the FOREST LADIES haven’t forgotten about you   >

22. 8. 2015

Kids, I don’t think we have to remind you that the longest holidays in the school year are coming to an end. Of  course you will still have some (perhaps even a lot of) free time after September 1st, when you’ll have to be back in class. Still, take advantage of these last free days... View Article

1. post: We are here   >

22. 8. 2015

Hey, ho! We really don’t know why someone’s first birthday is celebrated when they’ve become one year old. Their first birthday should be celebrated when they are born! Therefore: Happy birthday FOREST LADIES! Our web page has just today peeked out at the world. It was cooked with love, well spiced, and stirred countless times... View Article