Forest news

Invitation in Ziferblat   >

10. 11. 2015

FOREST LADIES will be guests in Ziferblat (we are sure that you have already heard about this “timeless” cafe/public house, where you don’t pay for coffee, tea, crepes …, but only for time you spent there!!!). Attention, this will be next Wednesday at 7 pm! And what will be occurring there? Spoken on theme escape-rooms... View Article

FRIDAY 13!   >

7. 11. 2015

We have Friday 13 in November! It won’t be full moon but torches and candles will be ligtening up the dark night. Bloody Mary announces her arrival on Friday 13. But on 13.11.2015 is only one free term. So hurry, that others don’t pass you, experience is really priceless.


23. 10. 2015

Two brave girls struggled with night challenge. Bats (hints) were flying through air, an owl made warning sounds in distance, even a police helicopter flew above them. But, they hadn’t given up. They rescued Mary and their lives in last moment.

Welcome, Bloody Mary!   >

23. 10. 2015

Countess Bloody Mary, aka Micka from Gorjanci, furnished her new residence in the forest in the middle of Ljubljana. She is waking up at nights with sounds of owls. She is inviting you to visit her. First group successfully solved all her riddles and puzzles, and stopped countess’ lust for blood in last minute.

Ladies on the front   >

4. 10. 2015

It was an ideal day to escape in the rain. They searched for the first aid kit and fearlessly handled military equipment and even weapons. Granted, they needed some hints and were in a bit of a time crisis towards the end, but they managed to pull through, overcome the last technical obstacles and get... View Article

Another successful escape   >

9. 9. 2015

Today was a day for small teams. They weren’t quickest, they needed quite a lot of hints, but they had had full of fun. And this is point of game: to spend hour in nature with friends, to strengthen bonds and to be doing crazily well!

Successful rescue   >

9. 9. 2015

They had been only two, and the record didn’t knock down. But they had unlocked the bird with few hints, little luck and much good mood still in time. Chatty bird entrusted them with two forest wisdoms in acknowledgement.

New record   >

7. 9. 2015

It was a nice, sunny, warm day … for rescuing the bird in a forest. Team of youngs (by age or heart) geniuses saved all slings and riddles and free the bird in just fortieth (40) minutes,and they need only one hint. Nobody was so good till now. Are you dare to approach to their... View Article