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Hooray, it’s raining! Lets go into the woods!

25. 8. 2015

If you haven’t experienced the forest in rain yet, we highly recommend it. The dripping of raindrops from leaves, the scent of the woods when raining, the pitter-patter of rain in harmony with birdsong…
But beware: a “forest in rain” is not the same as a “rain forest”. The latter is extremely hot, wet, and located near the equator. Going there would be too far, so we would like to invite you to the forest in Ljubljana, where we have prepared a special kind of escape for you – a forest escape in the rain!

Don’t be afraid of the rain! As the saying goes, there is no bad weather, only different kinds of good weather! (according to John Ruskin). Or as the Scandinavian proverb goes: there is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothes.

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