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Experienced (Part 2)   >

25. 8. 2021

The next day we tried to be even better and in just two hours after the call we prepared an escape for a couple from Saudi Arabia. They already had quite a few escape rooms behind them, but they were still very excited about the forest escape room (the first outdoor). They said that it... View Article

Experienced (Part 1)   >

25. 8. 2021

Sometimes we can also prepare forest escape game at the last minute and this time we delighted a pleasant French couple. They were skilful and very quiet in solving puzzles, so they surprised us how far they got in the first half an hour. Well, then it got stuck. Where everyone usually gets stuck. But... View Article

Bravo girls!   >

25. 8. 2021

We continue with the women's teams, which successfully face all the challenges, and yesterday's team was no different. Plenty of laughter, good 'brainstorming' and a few hints - success guaranteed!  

Happy birthday!   >

18. 8. 2021

A birthday present a little different? Why not. The ‘family’ team successfully celebrated the birthday of one of them. Despite the fact that they were a little scared at first (the owl🦉 did not stop shouting loudly) and that they seemed a little confused after the first half hour, in the end, with just a... View Article

Which one is the oak tree?   >

17. 8. 2021

Bine the dormaus is obviously adored not only by families but also by groups of friends, moms, ... who want a little fun time for themselves. Saturday afternoon's team acted as a well-coordinated team, which, however, had some problems with strong sun and consequently poorer visibility. But with a little help, Bine was quickly outside... View Article

Mom, we will come again…   >

17. 8. 2021

A few more snapshots from a past heat-stricken weekend. The family at 'Save the bird' was in any 'escaperoom' for the first time, but the curious, enthusiastic and energetic children successfully helped and quickly turned inexperience into victory. Congratulations on a good game! 👏  

Super Milo   >

16. 8. 2021

As we have proven many times, small children and four-legged friends are not an obstacle to participating in a forest escape. On the contrary, both can be of great help to you in finding clues. This was also the case on Saturday at the first morning escape of Deliverance, where Milo, in addition to having... View Article

Ladies party   >

16. 8. 2021

Polhek Bine took care of the party of a group of friends yesterday. With a hint or two, he peeked very carefully into the day. After the initial embarrassment, we barely kept him with us - the photo says it all

The stick, where is it?   >

11. 8. 2021

We had great time with Monday night’s team. They were bright, loud, fun, a little scared at first and very enthusiastic at the end. In terms of volume, they were quite a fierce competition to ‘our’ owl🦉, but this obviously helped them to think quickly and also to find the right solution quickly. Only the... View Article

Which key is the right one   >

10. 8. 2021

On Sunday, we continued with the daily escapes and one of the most enthusiastic teams (they will definitely come again😉) was the family that helped Angelica the fairy find the magic wand. The kids fared fantastically and success was not lacking. Congratulations!