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No hints, please!

16. 9. 2016

Yesterday’s weather forecast was looking somewhat grim, but nevertheless the day ended with a midnight forest escape. A full moon rose at 9.00 pm over the dark canopy of the trees. The latest batch of vampire hunters had had an unusual request: “No hints, please!”, which we happily obliged. They started spectacularly, three locks clicked open within half an hour and all signs pointed to a new speed record. However the fourth lock turned out to be too challenging of a mystery to solve, so two helpful bats had to intervene in the end. And just in time as well; the hunters managed to stake Mary through her heart two minutes before time ran out. In spite of the weather you were fantastic, a very well-coordinated team from start to finish, that couldn’t be sidetracked even by the natural elements (frogs). It was a pleasure watching you solve the puzzles. Congratulations to you all for a job well done.

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