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Demonic lockpicking

8. 10. 2016

Yesterday’s group “kidnapped” a taxi driver who delivered them deep into the woods, almost to the doorstep of our Mary’s abode. They wanted the birthday surprise to be absolute and consequently surprised our staff as well. The surprise worked out great, they had a fantastic time and they entertained us as well, since we haven’t seen this many innovative ideas in one single escape game. Out of every hint they managed to produce so many ideas that we had to give them at least three more “mini-hints” to direct them on to the right track. Good thing we’re stocked up on “helpful hint bats”. :) With a little luck, a lot of imagination (they opened one of the locks by trying a completely wrong word), and “a few” hints they freed Mary of her vampire curse four minutes before time ran out. Guys you were great, thanks for all the laughs.

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