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A baptism in fire

19. 8. 2016

There was a full moon last night. A group of friends wanted to experience some action and fun in the perfect ambiance, so they joined us on our final escape of the day. Mary the vampire just wanted to get some sleep in peace and quiet, but even thunder, lightning and the storm couldn’t stop our troop of brave girls. When they arrived on the scene the clouds parted, a full moon shone over the trees and the hooting of an owl echoed through the trees… Perfect. It turned out that the girls had never actually participated in an escape room game, but being completely enamored with the story, chose one of our harder games and also started solving it from the hardest part backward. However they did not back down. With some help from our friendly bats they managed to free themselves from vampire Mary’s curse four minutes before the bell rang. They were excellent at opening the lock that has troubled everyone so far and were quite dextrous with boxes that most people have wanted to use saws and hatchets to open. Girls, you handled your first real-life escape room superbly. Congratulations.

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