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Just before marriage   >

2. 8. 2020

We ended Saturday’s day escapes with another night one. Fortunately, the weather was lenient, as a group of girls started a bachelorette party with us and symbolically buried the bride’s single status. A surprise for the bride and great fun for all present, who did the great job. We want life to be friendly with... View Article

Shortcuts can be annoying   >

2. 8. 2020

After the ‘morning holiday care’, it was nice to have some ‘adult escapes’ on Saturday. Two couples who were surprisingly fast and extremely logical in solving puzzles met Bine the dormaus, but they had quite a few problems finding clues, as Bine swears by natural materials. With a little help and one shortcut, they succeeded... View Article

… not even talk about the dog   >

30. 7. 2020

‘Veni, vidi, vici’ could be said for yesterday’s team at the Deliverance, who chose a mental challenge in the forest escape room to end the holiday. In fact, they solved all the puzzles to the last lock completely without any hints. It got stuck here for a short time, but then they just opened it... View Article

Lost hints   >

26. 7. 2020

Saturday morning started with sun and a forest dwarf who mocked the ‘three generations’ team at ‘Save the bird’ game and hid one of the hints in a ‘black hole’. Nevertheless, they managed to break through to the bird’s friendly thoughts, as they were experienced rescuers and skilled at overcoming obstacles. Congratulations on a great... View Article

Shortcuts   >

17. 7. 2020

The other group of cousins, however, was very skilled, experienced in solving escape room games, resourceful, and brought the game to an end with practically no clues. Although there were more than 5 of them, they all had a lot of work to do - some with solving puzzles and some with breaking into locks... View Article

Children holliday care   >

17. 7. 2020

Everyone would love to have such kind aunts who take care of the children and their entertainment all day long. Two such groups visited us this week. The first one was inexperienced, but they still had a great time and with some help with more difficult puzzles, in the end they saved The bird in... View Article

When they restrict the gathering   >

9. 7. 2020

The girls who came to us to play Angelica the fairy escape game proved that it is possible to spend a birthday with only your best friends and have a great fun. The puzzles didn't cause them much trouble, and if they had a little more time, they would have solved them completely without help.... View Article

Reversed solving   >

5. 7. 2020

The weekend was dedicated to team building. The teams that visited us on Saturday were really something special. You could even say they are professional burglars, but on the right side of the law. As a result, they approached the escape room game in their own way. They first opened all the locks, and then... View Article

The sun shines after every rain   >

4. 7. 2020

Although Friday started with rain, we ended the day and our forest escapes in the sun. The last group – family. Again. They did great, but the youngest did best. Congratulations to the whole team!

Dormaus Bine   >

1. 7. 2020

Another birthday girl was hunting dormice with her friends. It didn't go without hints, but they still thought well and solved almost everything on their own, except for a few 'strange' locks, where help was more than welcome.