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A comedy of confusion   >

4. 10. 2021

A comedy of confusion Another one from the weekend. Two teams, 12 people, one illegal and three dogs, children against adults, Bird against Angelica … Yes, the children were faster, because escape game with adults was like a silent black-and-white comedy film, where people keep going to the stage and out. It’s just that three... View Article

Another family game   >

4. 10. 2021

Sometimes even the escape room Deliverance can be great family fun. Although complete novices in solving escape rooms, they succeeded. The children are a great seeker, the father a specialist in shortcuts, and the mother managed a unique feat – the locks just jumped apart under her magic fingers and yes, in the end they... View Article

New workforce   >

4. 10. 2021

Everyone who comes to the interview to work in our team is pleasantly surprised after the first embarrassments (how to find us at all in a very short time), because they first get to know the concrete work and that as a team in the forest room escapes. Whoever manages to solve the task on... View Article

Nothing is too difficult for us   >

7. 9. 2021

And another one from last weekend. Lately, we have been visited by well-coordinated and very smart people, very logical teams. This family team was no different. What the parents did not know, the son connected, and what the parents did not find, the daughter found. A bird rescued ‘on a blinck’. Well done.  

In unity is power (knowledge)   >

5. 9. 2021

Last Saturday’s team at Save the bird worked in the style of ‘Veni, vidi, vici’. It took almost an hour, but they acted in a coordinated, fast, quiet, wise way, and even the hint of the most ‘impossible’ puzzle on this escape was only half, and one of the members had already find a solution.... View Article

When the gamemaster is left speechless   >

30. 8. 2021

A glimpse of a surprisingly beautiful weekend. All the escapes, as usual, took place in dry weather, you obviously know when to book. We were most delighted and surprised by the team that came to help the dragon rescue his lady from prison. Despite the fact that for the first time they were not only... View Article

The kids surprised   >

25. 8. 2021

Last Sunday’s team almost managed a speed record. Excellently equipped, highly motivated and very skilled. If they weren't too innovative in resolving abacus... A little hint, a thinking in the right direction - and the bird was released into the forest in the 48th minute. Great game!  

The more heads knows more   >

25. 8. 2021

The very family forest escape 'Save the Bird' can play more members of the team, not just 5, and is also suitable for a family birthday party. With good thinking and just the right amount of help, success is guaranteed. Congratulations and all the best!  

Fun for all the family   >

25. 8. 2021

The past few days have been dedicated to families. Although finding a pirate treasure is among the easiest, it is still not such a very easy forest escape and if the team is still in a great mood, fun for young and 'young' is guaranteed. The photo is eloquent enough.  

Experienced (Part 2)   >

25. 8. 2021

The next day we tried to be even better and in just two hours after the call we prepared an escape for a couple from Saudi Arabia. They already had quite a few escape rooms behind them, but they were still very excited about the forest escape room (the first outdoor). They said that it... View Article