Forest news

Second attempt in cold   >

30. 12. 2018

The next evening, a group of boys, apparently tried to scare their friend from abroad on a moonlight forest escape. After an initial enthusiasm, in the end, the cold slowed them down a bit. Since the time has been persecuted, in the last five minutes they managed to open up three crucial locks on the... View Article

Frrrrrreezing   >

30. 12. 2018

Even in winter at temperatures below zero, you can have fun on the forest escape. That was first proven by a group of teenagers. It is true that the cold slowed down them a little, but with a little help and the promise of a warm tea, they solved the moonlight forest escape (without the... View Article

Sun and frost   >

16. 12. 2018

Yesterday it was a wonderful winter day, a lot of people spent some time outside, even on a forest escape. A nice, bright, playful, enthusiastic and, of course, a successful family easily opened the most difficult locks in the winter forest and got rid of the front. For cracking frost, we took care with a... View Article

Aaaaaaa…   >

18. 11. 2018

Mary scares again. This time, our beautiful vampire drove fear of the veins to a group of fun friends from Styria. But they did not give up. With a few tips and excellent logic they succeeded in the last minute. Bravo, you were great!

Finally! Sunshine!   >

11. 11. 2018

After a long time, it was a beautiful weekend. Although we are already in November, we are still active, because it is always interesting in the forest. Yesterday, we ‘quickly’ organized forest escapes and all our guests, big and small, did a very good job by solving puzzles

First snowflakes   >

27. 10. 2018

In a fading moon, when it already smelled like snow, four brave girls with plenty of imagination and a full barrel of laughs broke the vampire’s spell in the last few seconds. Congratulations on the amazing game and the fantastic atmosphere.

Who will finish first   >

25. 10. 2018

Yesterday we had also a teambuilding. Group of ladies Travelers led by Suitcase. A real child joy and an excellent work in the team. Fun, interesting and of course successful, both on the front, as well as in solving the bird. Congratulations to all and many successes in serious work!

Youth is not an obstacle   >

21. 10. 2018

Saturday was the last warm day of autumn and many used it for walks in nature. We had a lot of work,too. All the yesterday visitors were young. The best were schoolgirls, young but brave. They saved the bird, and with a little help they managed to do it 4 minutes earlier, as our alarm... View Article

Another round anniversary   >

20. 10. 2018

Adults can celebrate with us, too. Last weekend, we prepared two escapes for a round anniversary. The mood was great, they were competitive and in the end girls were a little bit better then boys. Congratulations to everyone, you’ve done a great job!

When we’re 50   >

13. 10. 2018

Warm October days invite you to nature. Yesterday we spent the afternoon in a company of fun girls. They learned after 30 years how to work with a compass ;). In the end, with some help the bird shared his wisdom and, as always, the bird did a good job.