Forest news

Happy birthday!   >

19. 5. 2019

The weather is on the side of the brave. 😉 Boys, who chose this day to have a birthday party, have stopped predicted rain with their sparkle, dynamic, positive energy and good will. With the games and the successful solution of the bird on a forest escape, two and a half hours passed too fast!... View Article

Finally the sun!   >

18. 5. 2019

In the forest it is nice and fun even when it rains, but more people decided to visit the forest when it shines outside, just like yesterday. In the warm spring forest, it was once again cheerful, big and small, older and younger … This time, the youngest ones who came to save the bird... View Article

Accuracy, precision,…   >

14. 5. 2019

As we have been writing repeatedly recently – there is no bad weather for the forest escape Deliverance. This was also demonstrated by today’s team, which successfully broke through bad weather front to the first aid and enjoyed very much. Therefore, regardless of the time, you are again invited to join us on the forest... View Article

American way   >

28. 4. 2019

Sometimes teenagers surprise us with their wishes for their birthday. Yesterday, the girls were invited, instead on the classical party, to the Monlight forest escape. In the middle of the night and deep in the forest, after succesful escape, ‘party’ ended with tasty American brownies and ice cream. Fun and invaluable. Congratulations to everyone, you’re... View Article

After each rain, the sun shines   >

25. 4. 2019

Yesterday afternoon, we enjoyed the company of boys who, despite their youth, showed extremely good logic and skills, and, completely unusual for birthday package looking for first aid on the war front. Guys, you were great company!

When it’s all over in 15 minutes   >

18. 4. 2019

This week we are preparing escapes just for foreigners who more and more often stop by on their visits to Slovenia. American, German, English, and finally the Belgians families were looking for pirate treasure. They were skillful, fun, friendly and also fast. The last family set an all time record of 15 minutes, but it... View Article

Aprilly interesting   >

8. 4. 2019

On Sunday, we had a lot of weather and escape game variations. After a long time one team try to saved a dragon lady from the castle prison. Congratulations to all teams, big and small. You were great.

International   >

8. 4. 2019

The weekend is behind us, working as always. First of all – Saturday. It was internationally colored, we also had a birthday celebration in English. A friendly and eloquent birthday-girl with friends found the Pirate Treasure of Black Fox without any major problems, that we do not even talk about other games. Sweaty, cheerful and... View Article

How do three numbers go into a four-digit lock   >

3. 4. 2019

Yesterday we were having fun with a very interesting and skilful international team of children who, with a hint or two broke the last code and found a pirate treasure just in 45 minutes. Bravo and cordially invited to do another forest escape.

Spring is in the air!   >

25. 3. 2019

It just rains outside again, but the weather was wonderful at the end of the week. Exelant for spending your free time in nature (if you were not in Planica 🙃). And ideal for celebrating birthdays on forest escapes – this fact can be confirmed by children and parents who rescued a bird one day,... View Article