Forest news

Skilful fingers   >

23. 9. 2020

Monday couldn’t decide at first what kind of weather to serve, but then .. a bit of sunshine in the afternoon and we performed another ‘dragon escape’ without complications. Three couples, friends, enthusiasts in solving escape rooms skilfully made their way to the last puzzle, and then it stopped. They had enough time to figured... View Article

Adventures gifts   >

22. 9. 2020

Lately, we have been visited by excellent teams. The dragon from 'Ljubljana with love' escape was helped to save his lady-dragon by a well-coordinated team that complemented each other - one was looking great, the other was good in solving puzzles ... so they actually only needed help with the last puzzle. Congratulations on a... View Article

Where can I dig   >

21. 9. 2020

That we all hide the child inside us and that forest escapes are suitable for all ages - living proof is yesterday's team at Save the bird escape. After initial worries that this was not for them, they all 'fell' into the game and because they also had a great team leader who did not... View Article

New moon   >

20. 9. 2020

We first managed to scare the Saturday team at Moonlight fores escape (without the moonlight) well, and then they provided great entertainment for everyone with loud and innovative solutions for solving puzzles. They were one of the better ones in the search, and with a few hints, solving the puzzles didn’t make troubles to them,... View Article

‘We stand outside the circle’   >

18. 9. 2020

We were working in the woods last night. The team that tried to cancel the spell, on the one hand, pleasantly surprised us when opening the heaviest locks without hints, and on the other hand, made us laugh, as they tried to replace at the moment unsuccessful teammate for a hint of one of the... View Article

Great pirates   >

16. 9. 2020

And another pirates. In weird ‘corona’ times, celebrations or activities can be even in a small circle of really good friends. Just like this team that enjoyed finding the pirate treasure and they were also great in solving puzzles. They didn't need help at all. Well done guys!      

Hint, please   >

14. 9. 2020

Saturday afternoon was family-colored again. One of the teams at 'Save the bird' gave an 'adventure' to the younger daughter for her birthday, and everyone had fun. They were inexperienced, but with the excellent technique of rescuing both girls, they managed to free the bird in time. Bravo!

Sometimes we also scare a little :)   >

13. 9. 2020

… we ended Friday night with another vampire hunt. This time a small group of friends from the northeastern part of Slovenia. After the initial fear, they also did great. In addition to two hints, they only needed help with the American lock, and at the last minute, they suffocated the vampire’s cries with a... View Article

How many claws does a bat have?   >

13. 9. 2020

Friday was a fun day … till the early hours of the morning. First, a larger group of friends chose to meet the vampire at the end of birthday celebration. We all had fun as they had quite a few innovative ideas on how to open some kind of lock. Counting the bat’s claws and... View Article

Perfect game   >

10. 9. 2020

Sunny Wednesday. A new escape – this time our hardest. From Ljubljana with love. A team of friends. Although only two, experienced,skilled and well organized, they broke through to the last puzzle in one hour with a great logic, completely without a hint. And only here, due to the scale of the puzzle, did they... View Article