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Birthday at the end of november? Why not!   >

1. 12. 2019

Cold, humidity, sun, rain… nothing can distruct children, just that they can hang out, play, compet, enyoj. Yesterday we spent some time with lively 10 year olds on their birthday and not only was it fun, they also proved in escape escape, as they managed to save Dormaus escape droom within an hour with just... View Article


11. 11. 2019


We can finally play   >

11. 11. 2019

Although it is possible to organize an escape even in the rain or snow, most people still wait for to a little drier weather. Yesterday (after a long rainy season) we had a phenomenal group on the toughest escape From Ljubljana with love. With no experience in escape rooms, but extremely skilful and with exellent... View Article

Halloween night   >

1. 11. 2019

The Reformation Day, and of course, Halloween, was successfully spent … in the woods. Mary had quite a bit of work to do. And so the teams that tried their best to solved the night escape on the scariest night of the year. With a few hints, a few screams, the owl’s loud encouragement all... View Article

Where is the dormaus?   >

30. 10. 2019

On Sunday, the dormaus trained how to escape again, but each time we caught him on time. The new escape ‘Catch the dormaus’ is, after all, by difficulty and the type of copyright puzzle escape for adults. However, it has every chance of becoming as popular for families with children of all ages as forest... View Article

First play   >

27. 10. 2019

For all of you who haven’t noticed it yet: the new Escape Catch the dormaus can already be booked and we organized first game yesterday. Another family wanted to spend the last warm October days in the wild, and at the same time, through a visit to the forest escape, they fulfilled one of the... View Article

Surprise!   >

27. 10. 2019

Birthday surprise succeeds! Ready for fun. The very sympathetic family showed their qualities in logical thinking and fine mechanical skills, not to mention orientation, when solving the bird. Congratulations on a great game and of course all the best for your birthday!

Night stories   >

20. 10. 2019

We ended the day with a rehearsal for Haloween. Mists were mysteriously rising above the field, the crescent moon was shyly peeck from behind a cloud, candle flames trembeled in the wind, the fox tried to steal the garbage again, and we had a great party at ‘Mary’ .

Welcome!   >

20. 10. 2019

Yesterday afternoon, we hosted first Singaporeans. We were visited by an extremely enjoyable couple who tried to solve forest escape room Save the bird. After the initial problems of finding clues, since they have virtually no forest in Singapore, they proved that they were an extremely capable and well-timed team and the bird sang earlier... View Article

Sometimes even a fire extinguisher comes in handy   >

19. 10. 2019

We ended our pleasant, warm Friday with a group of teenagers who faced the vampire fearlessly. Skillful, logical solving, one hour, a hint or two, a little shouting, a hawthorn stick into the heart … and the spell was successfully destroyed. Bravo girl, great game!