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More scary, please!   >

7. 7. 2019

We ended the day in style – with the vampire, the bats, and the threaten thunderstorm. The team of experienced escape-room rescuers set the game at a speed that promises to drop the record. They were quick, but in the end they were confused by books. Would any of you try to save the game... View Article

We come again!   >

7. 7. 2019

In the afternoon we continued with forest escapes for adults and, among other things, hosted an extremely resourceful team of friends on the Deliverance forest escape. Although the shortcut was taken, the last lock stopped them, and the clock was counting off the last few seconds when the desired first aid kit was opened. Bravo... View Article

Look, mouse!   >

7. 7. 2019

We had working end of the week. In the woods, it is colder and less sultry in the hot days. So we started Saturday morning with an incredible seven-member family, which practically did not need a tip for the forest escape Save the bird. Moreover, their youngest was the youngest member who had attended any... View Article

With a temperament it comes a long way   >

23. 6. 2019

It was a dark night an hour before midnight, the moon was hidden behind the clouds, wet grass wrapped around bare legs, mosquitos buzzing thirstily, and Mary waited silently in a locked coffin illuminated only by dim light of torches. The four friends, absolutley not typical for our Western neighbours, were quietly, quickly and skillfully... View Article

Unstoppable girls   >

23. 6. 2019

Six girls (to say nothing of the dog) . They came on forest escape Deliverance to celebrate birthday of one of them. Although this is an escape for adults, they were unstoppable …except calculations. But not becasue they didn’t know how to calculate – it was just the end of the school year and the... View Article

Happy birthday Zana!   >

23. 6. 2019

The last birthday in June is behind us. Surprisingly in good weather, although an hour before begining the sky opened above Ljubljana. Extremely cute children, despite their youth, worked perfectly, they were very ‘sporty’, and the pirate treasure did not give them any trouble at the age of 6-7 (with the help of). Thank you... View Article

Happy birthday!   >

15. 6. 2019

When it’s hot in the city, it’s just warm in the forest. Friday was obviously a day for young people. A group of friends celebrated the birthday of one of them with us. They were solving Save the bird and Deliverance and the time gone by as a lightning. They were extremely harmonious, they were... View Article

Final trips   >

15. 6. 2019

Yesterday a child’s laugh filled the forest in the morning. Towards the end of the year, schools implement the last activities from the annual program. It happened for the first time that the students of one class decided to spend the last sport day with us in solving the forest escapes. Three escapes, a good... View Article

Forest escapes thousands and one way   >

14. 6. 2019

Yesterday’s teams upgraded our escapes, apparently one of those days 🤣 . The team on Angelika the fary started to cook magical potions in the middle of the escape, which is by no means a task to escape. The women’s team on Deliverance forest escape used the props for exercise how to use the weapon.... View Article

No hints   >

10. 6. 2019

The sunny weather at the end of the week attracted some families to the woods on the forest escape. The best team was the last family team on Sunday on forest escape Deliverance. They were not just the experienced ‘escaper’, but they were a great team complementing each other and for which no nut was... View Article