Forest news

Happy birthday also in 2019!   >

12. 3. 2019

Last weekend we started a new season of birthdays (although it was officially never interrupted 😉). A group of teenage girls and a boy. It was special, dynamic, fun … as always, as we can boast of a unique team of animators who can motivate both small and large.

Teambuilding, right at noon!   >

11. 3. 2019

Right at noon. The sun. Saturday. Team building. Four teams arrive at the scene. And the game starts. Each team rescued its forest escape and successfully solved it. Congratulations!

Last days of winter vacations   >

3. 3. 2019

It’s working weekend for us. A few families, small and large, took advantage of the last days of vacation for forest escape. Most of them were do Save the bird game, one group went to the front, and all played very good. We are happy that you spent a fraction of your free days with... View Article

Almost complete darkness   >

1. 3. 2019

This time it was not a full moon, and a fire threats to the environment had extinguished our torches, but it was a clear night with stars and four brave girls with excellent logic and skillful fingers silenced the wicked laughter of the vampire Mary in the last minute without much difficulty. Congratulations for a... View Article

Finally, winter holidays!   >

18. 2. 2019

Holidays and warm sunny weather. Winning combination. As there is no snow, an alternative to outdoor activities is also forest escape. Yesterday’s groups had, in their words, “great time; interesting puzzles and we will come again. ‘ The small children were not an obstacle, that fact proved a three-year-old girl who nearly took away our... View Article

Finally snow!   >

21. 1. 2019

Dry, cold and snowy weekend attracted the most brave in nature. We were pleasantly surprised by our last Sunday team. The team had three curious little ones and all together, in a very short time with very little help, managed to solve all the puzzles. Congratulations on courage and excellent game.

Second attempt in cold   >

30. 12. 2018

The next evening, a group of boys, apparently tried to scare their friend from abroad on a moonlight forest escape. After an initial enthusiasm, in the end, the cold slowed them down a bit. Since the time has been persecuted, in the last five minutes they managed to open up three crucial locks on the... View Article

Frrrrrreezing   >

30. 12. 2018

Even in winter at temperatures below zero, you can have fun on the forest escape. That was first proven by a group of teenagers. It is true that the cold slowed down them a little, but with a little help and the promise of a warm tea, they solved the moonlight forest escape (without the... View Article

Sun and frost   >

16. 12. 2018

Yesterday it was a wonderful winter day, a lot of people spent some time outside, even on a forest escape. A nice, bright, playful, enthusiastic and, of course, a successful family easily opened the most difficult locks in the winter forest and got rid of the front. For cracking frost, we took care with a... View Article

Aaaaaaa…   >

18. 11. 2018

Mary scares again. This time, our beautiful vampire drove fear of the veins to a group of fun friends from Styria. But they did not give up. With a few tips and excellent logic they succeeded in the last minute. Bravo, you were great!