Forest news

Nightmare – a safe lock   >

15. 9. 2019

In the afternoon, we were joined by four friends on forest escape Deliverance, who, with just a little help (especially at the last lock), proved that they were able to survive in any situation. Congratulations on your persistence and good game!

Happy birthday!   >

15. 9. 2019

A wonderful weekend is almost behind us. We had a super birthday celebration yesterday. The children quickly and successfully helped Angelica the fairy. Forest games passed like a flash and if we had time we could play for hours in the woods. Stay like a sunshine , you are wonderful.🙂

The first school day   >

3. 9. 2019

The first school day should be nice and sunny, but unfortunately we have no influence on the weather. All the same, the family who helped Angelika find the magic wand, had despite the weather an hour of fun and enjoyable socializing. Even though, at the end, Butpherd’s broom got really angry and made a pretty... View Article

Family Afternoon   >

1. 9. 2019

A family of four also profited from this Saturday’s fair weather as they helped our bird escape from it’s cage. Fun and laughter was had all around of course! :)

Might of night   >

1. 9. 2019

Anything can happen at night. At Saturday night, the group of four tried the Moonlight forest escape. At first they stumbled a little but with few standard clues they mannaged to open the coffin of Bloody Mary the vampire and stab her right to the heart. Well done!

Successful despite rain   >

30. 8. 2019

Forest escape with six friends is a winning combination. Thursday afternoon, we hosted a group which attempted the Deliverance escape. During the game on the forest front, rain began to come down, but the contestants weren’t moved by it. They did great and needed almost no help. Excellent!

Well trained team   >

24. 8. 2019

We finished our friday with a well trained team of six friends. They tried to solve the Deliverance escape, which went more than well. They only needed ONE CLUE at the end. Congratulations!

International team   >

23. 8. 2019

Friday is a day for … a forest escape. Today we started in the morning when the skillful and resourceful Spanish girl and Frenchman with just a few hints managed to prepare the bird to share their wisdom with them. Congratulations on a great game!

Go, grandmam!   >

23. 8. 2019

The school is approaching with great strides but, as we are still in August, it is time to enjoy and rest. Many times, grandparents are to come in handy and it says nowhere that thay can’t enjoy the forest escape. The girl’s team, grandmother and granddoughters, joined the Black Fox pirate team and successfully digged... View Article

Pleasantly confused   >

11. 8. 2019

Saturday night finished with the girls. At first they were a little scared and slightly confused … but then they realized that it was not enough to look for clues only on the ground. And then the game had taken off. With a few more clues, but also skillfully, they broke the spell in the... View Article