Forest news

Angelica the fairy, not to mention the dog   >

8. 3. 2023

Warm days for the weekend invite you to nature. And also on a forest escape. We did a little magic again this weekend. This group divided their roles and very successfully helped the fairy Angelica. There were few clues, everyone had fun and in the end successfully conjured a magic wand. Our ‘gamemasters’ made sure... View Article

Birthday party…. or just Moonlight forest escape   >

27. 2. 2023

We have opened the season of birthday celebrations. The youngest started. Seven year olds. On the other hand, teenagers usually feel very grown up already and are more happy to come for an escape instead of a party. Escape for adults, of course. With some best friends. Just like the weekend girls who faced off... View Article

Angelica the fairy with us again   >

15. 2. 2023

The last holiday weekend served us with beautiful weather. The days are getting longer and longer, so at the end of February we will add another afternoon session. Otherwise, it was quite cold, but in the warm part of the day we were visited by several teams on family escapes Bird and Dormaus. But we... View Article

Winter escape? Why not!   >

8. 2. 2023

It is quite cold outside, but for well-prepared team, is visiting a winter escape only a challenge and not an obstacle. The team that had fun with the Bird these days also showed a great deal of skill and logical thinking, so that they practically did not need help. Congratulations and you are warmly invited... View Article

Brrrr, The Monnlight forest escape is awsome   >

10. 1. 2023

The full moon ? has an effect on our Mary, who was quite active last weekend. There are more and more of you who don't get cold in winter❄️ and are comfortable visiting the forest at any time of the year and in any weather?. Well, the team in the photo was not only super... View Article

Full moon teambuilding   >

8. 1. 2023

We entered the new year with a new venture. Due to the short days, it is impossible to run our daily escapes after 16:00 in the afternoon. Yeah, that's what we thought. But where is a will, there's a way. And the desire for outdoor teambuilding in January was so big that we also put... View Article

Pure joy   >

19. 4. 2022

If the couple knows each other well, complements each other perfectly and has a positive approach, they can be a fantastic team. Much better than more uncoordinated players. The living proof is a nice couple who came to helped the Dragon. They saved his beloved dragon-girl from prison in just 75 minutes. They almost didn't... View Article

One more pirate’s escape   >

19. 4. 2022

There are no barriers for pirates. Even without parents. With minimal help, especially the ‘rabbit help’, they successfully found a pirate chest. The last lock and treasure was theirs. Bravo!  

Heja bumbarasa   >

17. 4. 2022

They rarely allow us to post birthday parties. That's a shame, because as they say, pictures say more than 1000 words. These photos are from last Friday in April. A group of brave kids went on a treasure hunt, despite a short shower. It wasn’t exactly in the style of “... thunder roaring and lightning... View Article