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Picture cubes

31. 8. 2016

The Forest Ladies entertained some special guests today. Turns out they’re a barrel of laughs not only on Radio 1, but also in person. Even though they were worried they weren’t all that great at solving our puzzles they still saved the bird 5 minutes before time ran out (we’re not going to reveal the number of hints though) , they diligently followed the story (which isn’t the case with all groups we get), they willingly assembled the picture cubes (which never happens), they were quite deft at convincing magic boxes to open (no saws or axes necessary)… We could go on and on how commendable they were, but let that suffice. Boys and girls, we were honoured to meet you. We hope that you stay true to your word and we see you on Halloween for our midnight forest escape. Fun and laughter guaranteed.

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